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Welcome to SOUL SACRIFICE - A Tribute To Santana.

SOUL SACRIFICE - A Tribute To Santana is a group of career musicians who are dedicated to bringing audiences a high energy and high quality SANTANA experience.

CHUCK ALVAREZ, born CARLOS JOSE ALVAREZ from Costa Rican dsecent, leads this group of seasoned professionals who have a long list of impressive credits.

The group was formed when Chuck was thinking about starting a tribute band. The first thing he wanted to be sure of was that he would not get tired of playing someone elses music over and over again. And the music had to be something he could pull off! A few days later the music of SANTANA seemed appealing. He has always loved Carlos Santana's guitar work since Abraxas.

In 2008 he threw out this crazy idea to a promoter friend and before the band had any band members, it was booked for 2 shows, one of the shows being over seas with the U.S. military. He scurried and gathered some musicians together (one was not a musician, just a good looking latino) and took promo shots that the military needed right away. Within a few weeks he had a line up and off they went to Europe.

Over the past few years Chuck has dug deep into Carlos Santana's complex and difficult to play guitar work. It has been very challenging and, of course, a very rewarding experience.

It is now 2015 and this band is over the top! They know how to delivers the SANTANA EXPERIENCE! The line up has evolved and the group has taken the music of Santana to a whole new level.

Carlos has a signature sound that has become a part of our global culture today. It would only be proper to thank Carlos Santana and all the musicians who have been involved with him for the past 40 years in creating exciting, beautiful & excellent music.

We are honored to be able to share your music with the world.


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